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270                           LETTERS   FROM   THE

Nepean informs me that Lord St. Vincent
has had a second talk with him about me, and
he assures me, upon his honour, that he did not
know why I was recalled; it was resolved upon
at a council at which he did not assist* I am
glad to keep the thing alive, and hope, at least,
to have an opportunity of justifying myself.

I met Lord Nelson at the Admiralty, but we
had not time to say much to each other.

Think of the emigres! The Count de Coigny
had returned to Paris, and had got back great
part of his property, and lived unmolested under
Bonaparte's Government. Meanwhile, he was carry-
ing on Monsieur and the Eveque d* Arras's plot to
blow up the whole Opera-house, and then made
only a partial explosion in the street. He had
got away from France before it blew up.


This morning I hear the King's life is in
danger, and some talk of his not getting over the
day; but as these are not the most loyal of his
subjects I cannot trust to their intelligence.